1974 LeMans

Changes for the 1974 LeMans included new split grilles with horizontal bars on base LeMans and LeMans Sport models, while Luxury LeMans models got chromed vertical bar split grilles. Model offerings in each series were the same as 1973, except for the addition of a new Luxury LeMans Safari wagon and the deletion of the GTO series from the intermediate line to the compact Pontiac Ventura series.

Out back were new federally-mandated 5 MPH bumpers to match the similarly mandated front bumpers of the previous year and less curvaceous rear end treatment with vertical taillights and license plate/fuel filler moved above the bumper.

Base LeMans coupes retained the fixed full triangular rear side windows while Luxury LeMans coupes got a smaller vertical opera window similar to the Grand Prix along with an optional Landau rear quarter vinyl roof. LeMans Sport Coupes were now available with two rear side window treatments - the louvered triangular version carried over or the opera window with Landau vinyl roof from the Luxury LeMans.

All engines were carried over from 1973 including the 250 inline six, and V8s including the 350 two-barrel, 400 two- and four-barrel and 455 four-barrel. New to the option list for 1974 was a 350 four-barrel. The same assortment of three- and four-speed manual transmissions were carried over for 1974 along with the three-speed Turbo Hydra-matic. New to the option list for 1974 on all models were GM-specification radial-ply tires manufactured by GM's usual tire suppliers that included revised suspension tuning.

1974 History and Identification  A-Body

The Style Number 2AH37 Grand AM two-door Notch Back Hardtop was back again and was one of the few lady-charmers left in American autodom. Prices for this model began at $4,442, which bought 3,992 pounds of basic car.

However, only 13,961 copies were moved out of showrooms this year. The Grand AM was based on the Luxury LeMans equipment package but got, in addition (or instead) the list of features outlined in the text with a few courtesy lamps tossed in. A turn-signal headlight dimmer switch was used, to increase the European flavor of the "American Mercedes-Benz." The raised, V-shaped hood panel was again decorated with colorful twin pin stripes.

1974 Grans Am

The revised rear end styling was about the same on all 1974 LeMans-based intermediates, although the Luxury and Grand AM models had a slightly varied taillight treatment. This picture shows the $4,531 Grand AM four-door Notch Back Hardtop. It came standard with lateral restraint bucket seats (incorporating an adjustable-angle backrests; integrated console (with African crossfire mahogany inserts) and a floor-mounted shift control. The weight was 4,073 pounds and a total of 3,122 examples were shipped. Like those Honeycomb type wheels? They were either $53.60 or $73 extra, depending on what other equipment packages were ordered.

1974 Luxury Lemans 4 door

The Luxury LeMans four-door Notch Back Hardtop, Style Number 2AG29, had Notchback front bench seats with cloth-and-Morrokide or all-Morrokide upholstery. Other standard features included pull straps on the interior door panels; pedal trim plates; dual horns; rear wheel covers (fender skirts); special taillight styling; windowsill moldings; hood edge moldings; front-and-rear bright lower beauty moldings and wheel opening moldings. A 350 cubic-inch V-8 with a two-throat carburetor was the standard Luxury powerplant. Prices for this 3,904 pound model began at $3,479. Production peaked at 4,513 units, making it a not-so-popular car.

The main difference at the rear of the Luxury LeMans was the distinctive taillight treatment and the horizontal beauty molding that crossed the trailing lip of the deck lid, except where the license plate was recessed. As compared to 1973, a much smaller opera window was used on the Coupe. The look was one of increased formality. Designated as Style Number 2AG37, the two-door Notch Back Hardtop weighed 3,608 pounds and had prices as low as $3,409. It found 25,882 buyers and a large percentage paid $97 more to get a vinyl top. DeLuxe wheel covers were a standard feature of cars in the Luxury series.

Having production of a healthy 37,955 units was the Style Number 2AF37 LeMans Sport two-door Notch Back Hardtop. It had a base list price of $3,130 and a minimum shipping weight of 3,580 pounds.

All cars in the LeMans group had wood grain trimmed dashboards; DeLuxe two-spoke steering wheels (Custom cushioned on Luxury); the required safety equipment; high-Iow ventilation; nylon carpets; inside hood release; concealed wipers; in-the-windshield hidden antennas; manual front disc brakes, and body moldings around windows and wheel openings. The LeMans Sport also got Notch-back bench seats with center arm rests; wood-grained glovebox trim, and louvered rear quarter windows.

Style Number 2AD29 was the LeMans four-door Notch Back Hardtop, with a factory list price of $3,066. The base engine for this line was the 250 cubic-inch Straight Six built by Chevrolet Division. This six-window model had a shipping weight of 3,628 pounds and production of 17,266 copies. Although power front disc brakes were not standard on every LeMans, this was a popular feature and 91.8 percent of production was so built. Automatic transmission was also optional (except on Grand AMs) with a high 96.7 per- cent of all LeMans so-equipped.

The base LeMans two-door Notch Back Coupe came with three different styling treatments for the roof. The first was the Colonnade look (see G. T. photo, farther down). Buyers could also pay $35 extra to get the so-called "windowless" treatment with slanted vertical louvers. In addition, the formal landau styling shown in the background of this photo, was a $97 option.

 Prices for the base model began at $3,047. It had a weight of 3,552 pounds and 37,061 examples were built with one of the three different roofs.

A competition-look G.T. option package was available for both the base LeMans (2AD37) and LeMans Sport (2AF37) two-door Notch Back Hardtops, at prices between $202 and $246. The actual cost depended upon other features , which the buyer selected. Included in the package were Rally II wheels less trim rings; G70 x 14 white-letter tires; dual exhausts with chrome extensions; accent stripes; sport mirrors; wheel opening moldings, and a heavy-duty three.speed manual gearbox with floor shift. The car seen here is a base model with the G.T. option. No separate breakout for G.T. production is available. Only 12.9 per- cent of all LeMans intermediates, including Grand AMs, had dual-exhausts. Based on this, a little calculation indicates that no more than 17,000 G.T.s could have been built, but we cannot get any closer than that to an actual guess at total sales of the option package.