Sunday, December 19, 2010

Pontiac Lemans Sport Coupe

I was recently able to pick up an all original 1976 Pontiac Lemans Sport Coupe similar to one I owned back in 1976. I have been looking for another classic car to go with my 1969 Mercury Cougar but was struggling to find one with louvered windows that did not need a lot of work.

I originally saw this car being hauled into Kelowna on a flat bed about four years ago and I was not able to track it down. The next time I saw the car it was sitting at Junk Yard Dog in West Kelowna in the fall of 2008. I checked it out in the spring and was impressed with the condition.

Since I’d seen the car it had been sold and then in a fender bender. It ended up as an insurance write off and was purchase by a garage. They fixed the fender and repainted the car gloss black.

When I looked at the car in 2008 I did a magnet test and realized it was all metal. The car started at a price that I could not afford. The car continued to drop in price and when it hit my range I picked it up.

This is a 2011 winter project and will be on the road come the spring.
It has the following:

350 4-barrell, Power, Windows, Doors, Locks, Cruise Control, and Air Conditioning

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My 1976 Pontiac Lemans Sport Coupe

I always loved the styling of this A-Body model which was produced from 1973 to 1977.
In 1976 I purchase my first car and I decided upon a black 1976 Pontiac Lemans Sport Coupe. It was equipped with a 350 - 4 barrel with a black interior, Power brakes and power steering. I special ordered the fender skirts from the Grand Lemans and had them installed. With the louvers on the back windows and the fender skirts the car had a very distinctive look.

At the time I lived in Mississauga, Ontario near Oakville and I drove to New Market daily that first summer to work at a job with Tip Top Tailors. In the first two years I put on 60,000 miles. I was young and did a lot of partying with this car.

I always loved the styling of this A-Body model which was produced from 1973 to 1977 and this site is devoted to those years.

Donald Robichaud