Sunday, April 1, 2012

1976 Pontiac Lemans makes road trip across Canada

Nothing compares to a long, peaceful, drive across this beautiful country of ours in the early spring visiting friends and family.

For me, the road trip I made from Kelowna, BC to Perth On, made in March 2012 was even more pleasurable because I was behind the wheel of my 1976 Pontiac Le Mans Sport Coupe.

Despite the gas prices, it is truly a great highway driver. You are alone with your thoughts as the miles drift one into another. It was old school. My classic’s odometer shows miles not kilometres.

The weather was excellent and I made pit stops in Calgary, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Thunder Bay and North Bay. I even made it to Quebec as the roads were so bad outside of Pembroke that I cut over to the Quebec side coming into Ottawa to drive on smoother roads. The car preformed well. In fact on average I was getting 340 miles to a tank which was well over what I was expecting.

The car just hummed along at 65 miles an hour. The Pontiac Lemans was originally produced in Oshawa Ontario and it has now made it’s way back home to Ontario.

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